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Bhutanese are the newest community in Australia. They started moving to Australia in 2008 under the resettlement program initiated by the government of Australia.

Prior to coming to Australia, they spent 20 years in cramped refugee camps in eastern Nepal.

Bhutanese of Nepali origin were evicted out of their country in 1990 under the Bhutan government’s policy to create a mono-ethnic country. There are no records of how many were jailed, how many killed, raped, tortured or drowned. These people, who mostly lived in southern districts, had no option but to leave the country and take asylum in Nepal. Over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees fled.

Children born in refugee camps had no future. Restricted from moving out of camps, these young people grew up in camps the limited supplies from the donor countries. Many died of malnutrition, diseases and lack of basic health facilities.

These young people, along with their parents, moved to many western countries including Australia since 2008.

Now they are in need of guidance to build a solid foundation for their future, they need inspiration to live a respectful life, they need motivation to contribute towards grater good of their society and the world and they need support and solidarity to learn, innovate and manifest that refugee’s got talent.

Yuba Sansar (Youth World) works towards achieving all these needs. It is a humble radio project of the Bhutanese youths who are resettled in South Australia from refugee camps in Nepal. The radio goes on air through Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM every Sunday 1-2 PM.

This project is aimed to entertain, educate and empower the Bhutanese community youths through the radio program by airing songs and music of their liking and promoting extensive awareness on youth related issues and other important life skill and knowledge. For this, a group of Bhutanese youth worked hand in hand to produce a radio program targeted to youths of Bhutanese community to help address youth issues, showcase young talents, share experiences and stories, and explore means for their healthy integration into the mainstream multicultural society, while extending friendship amongst other existing communities’ younger generation.

The project played a significant role by allowing the Bhutanese youth to participate, to interact and to exchange ideas and views that benefit the youth members of the community. The program helped to identify and promote presentation skills and talents existing amongst the Bhutanese youth. It attempted to involve youths in youths’ issue in order to look for creative solutions.

Program format

Youth Activities
This segment is news all about young people across the globe with the objective to inform our young people what their contemporaries are doing.

It helps our youth to think, realize and helps to change their behaviour to do such amazing work. It keeps on updating our youths with youth activities around the world. Youth activities motivate our youth to struggle hard, in order to reach others stature.

Inspirational Stories
In this segment we present biographies of great personalities that make the mark in world history. We talk about their childhood, youth life and their achievements. Madame Curie, Albert Einstein, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln were some of the distinguished figures of whose biographies we presented so far.

Such inspirational stories help our young listeners to know about the importance of struggle for achievements. Being a refugee by birth, most young people from of community have low morale that they would not make such great achievements. Inspirational stories are meant to motivate and inspire them.

Event info
This segment informs our listeners of many multicultural events happening around Adelaide and encouraging them to participate. Such engagement in multicultural events would inculcate in them the sense of cross-cultural unity, brotherhood, love and affection, which ultimately helps to build a cohesive and peaceful society.

When I was young
To inspire and educate youths as well encourage seniors, we produce and feature, “My Past” of the seniors’ in the show. This helps the young people remind their history, culture, festivals and traditions, flashback parent’s hardship stories in raising children, to promote sense of respect among young people towards their parents and seniors, learn about their country of origin Bhutan and our stories and maintain and enhance cohesion and harmony in the family life.

Young Talents
The “Young Talents” segment in the show is a platform which priortises to feature outstanding achievements of youths in the community. This not only encourages the achievers continue with their inspiring works but also encourage others to follow the path.

We are looking for your generous support in continuing their project and to set a story that young refugees also have power to motivate their fellow mates.

We need your financial support to sustain this project. We need money to pay for the radio station as well as maintaining our website. The website is aimed at reaching out to our young friends from other countries and other states within Australia.

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